5 interesting facts about Italian Food

What would cross your mind when some one ‘s talking about Italian food? Pizza? Pasta? But, actually, Italian cuisine is more diverse and richer than you might think. There’s no limit of things to know about this old, artistic and cultural country. So let us show you some of the most interesting facts about Italian Food now:

1. One way to check your Pasta: tossing it at the wall!

Have you ever heard the word “al dente”? The term “al dente” is used to describe the moment when the the noodles have reached the perfect level of preparation. However, your spaghetti can be undercooked and there is one way to test it: throwing noodles against the wall to see if they stick. Remove one noodle from the pot by a fork first. Swing it in the air and then put it in the hand attached to your throwing harm. Finally, toss the noodle at the wall. As soons as it sticks, the noodles are done. Be careful with it, because your pasta may be taste fine when it’s slightly overcooked and can be stick to the wall. (Note: Scientists say that it’s not good for your digestion when eating overcooked pasta )

2. Traditional Italian pizza virtually always has thin crust

As we know, pizza is a traditional dish and orginated in Italy. Even so, many American cooks have changed the original formula for years so there is little difference between the pizza in America and the pizza in Italy. The most prominent disparity is about the crust. Italian pizzas always have thin crusts. When eating in an authentic Italian restaurant (no matter where it is), you will be served ones with thinner crusts.

3. Do Italians really eat pasta every day?

The answer is Yes. They do. Of course, for someone who is very busy, they will eat anything else for other alternatives. As a matter of fact, most of Italians are very picky, they have difficulty in changing their food habits. Italians will not skip their pasta in the meal for no reason. And the question is that do they get bored when eating pasta everyday? Not at all. People do not only eat pasta with tomato sauce and one or two other ones but also eat pasta with many other things such as vegetables or meat. There are so many ways that the pasta can be eaten, you will want to eat a different pasta dish for every single day of the year!

4. Espresso, Latte & Co

As its name, Espresso, it can defined as an express coffee. There is a variety of espresso coffee. You may know about: Ristretto (concentrated coffee), Lungo (a longer-style), Corretto (with a little shot of liquor), cappuccino, macchiato, freddo, doppio, americano, and so on.

In Italy, “latte” means milk. If you order something related to the “latte” in the US, you will get a caffellatte or latte macchiato. However, if you do that in Italy, you will be served a glass of milk.

You will probably never see anyone in Italy drinking cappuccino with a meal or after that. For Italians, they only get a cappuccino when eating breakfast. And at that time, they may also have a corrnetto (or croissant).

5. The history of Pizza

Pizza used to be a kind of food for the poor. It was originally a dry and flat bread. In 1889, Queen Margheriat of Italy tried it during her tour around her coutry. It became her favorite food so she wanted her chef to make other types of pizza for her. And he decided to make one with three colours of their country flag: white, red and green. And he used cheese for white, tomato for red and basil fo rgreen. It was named “Pizza Margherita”- the Queen’s name.

What do you think about those interesting facts about Italia food above? Personally, I love this coutry so much and do want to travel to Italy to enjoy Italian food one day. If you have a “soul food” , why don’t you go to Italy and get a pizza for dinner and cappuccino with a corrnetto for breakfast, it will be a memorable experience in your entire life.

Foods to eat to Conceive a Girl for Mothers and Fathers

For parents, the sex of their children when they are still under formation is one of the very interests that every parent can have. It is true that the sperm of a male baby (XY) moves faster but stays survived shorter than its counterpart does, XX. The female baby, conversely, moves slowly but stays pretty longer, which means that if you want to conceive a girl, you have to have a smart having sex schedule in order to make sure that when ovulation happens, only XX sperms survive.

Having said that though, an appropriate diet is extremely important, as the same as the having sex schedule, to increase the number of XX sperms toward XY sperms, raising the percentage of conceiving a girl. Followings are the suggested foods to eat to answer the question: What to eat to conceive a girl?

For Mothers:

Mothers who want to conceive a girl should eat foods providing a lot of Magnesium and Calcium. Every food should be light enough without any salt, with more sweetness. Moreover, daily diet should include following food categories:

  • Calcium food categories: milk, cheese, vegetable, ice-cream, and any other products made from milk without salt.
  • Magnesium food categories: beans, sesame, soybean,
  • Acidic foods to conceive a girl categories: yogurt, fruits with vitamin C like apple, orange, pear, pineapple, tangerines, apricot,…
  • Suggested spices include; onion, garlic, …
  • Yolks and products made from eggs.

In general, mothers should eat as less salty food as possible, drink a lot of milk, cheese, and yogurt, which are all good sources of calcium. Other recommended foods can be bread or cookie, plus as much vegetable as possible.

Notice: This diet should be followed at least 1 month before the day of conception. To be more specific, follow these tips:

  • Food to use directly: cereals (less than 100 grams of potato per day)
  • Food to use spontaneously: vegetable, eggs.
  • Food to use as much as possible: milk, cheese, and any other dairy foods.
  • Food to use as less as possible: fresh fruits less than 100 grams per day (stay away from coconut, graviola), meat and fish less than 120 grams per day.
  • Drink products made from milk, but coffee, tea, beer, coconut.
  • If needed, you can follow your doctor’s advice to supplement calcium and magnesium to raise your chance to have a girl.

For Fathers:

dairy food for father

Females should stay away from products with a lot of Zinc to increase the ability of conception, and conceive a girl, including products like sea foods, coconut, eggs, pork, beans, soybeans, radishes… Foods to eat to conceive a girl for fathers may include dairy foods, fruits, vegetables,…

Foods To Limit To Conceive A Girl:

The diet helping conceive a girl requires mothers not to eat salty foods, limit eating products with a lot of potassium and sodium. Suggested foods include:

  • Stimulants like alcohol, beer, coffee, cigarette, and any carbonated drinks.
  • Products with a lot of potassium and sodium like potato, salmon, fried foods, shrimp, bread, alive and anchovies.
  • Packaged products, mayonnaise, butter.

The primary thing to notice is to lower the energy in each meal, with a lot of sweetness but salty food, especially acidic foods in order to create an appropriate environment for the X sperms to survive and move into the egg to foster the process of conception.

A Typical Diet For Parents Trying To Conceive A Girl

Following is a suggested diet for parents who trying to conceive a girl. Notice that this diet should only be followed until you are sure that you have conceived a girl. At least one month before conception day is suggested to conceive a girl, and remember to balance your diet right after the baby is formed.

5 ways of Using Coconut oil for Yeast Infections

Most of us know about the use of coconut oil in beauty care but its healing effect is probably not widely known. Besides the useage of skincare, whitening , and so on, coconut oil can be used to treat some common diseases, specially Yeast Infections.

What is Yeast Infections?

Yeast infections or “Candida” are caused by a fungus that thrives in our body. Most forms of the yeast are harmless but for those with weak immune systems or on antibiotic medication, there are chances of developing an infection.

Candida is supposed to live in your stomach and intestines. When the fungus spreads to other organs, it can cause serious infection. So, an overabundance of the fungus is what really causes problems. In women, vaginal yeast infections caused by Candida are common and can be very uncomfortable resulting in itchy and painful symptoms. This can also lead to conditions such as thrush, athletes’ foot, or vaginal yeast infections.

Why Coconut Oil for Yeast Infections Is Effective?

Coconut Oil for Yeast Infections

Scientists have discovered that Coconut oil has effective antifungal properties that can kill the fungi responsible for yeast infections. Why is this?

Because it acts as an anti-fungal and can be easily incorporated in your daily meals. It can replace regular cooking oils, you can even take it as a supplement. It is very healthy and when you are choosing an anti-fungal, it can be your first choice.

The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil must be killing candida in the intestinal tract. Caprylic acid present in coconut oil, when comes in contact with yeast colonies, kills them. It is responsible for stopping the growth and replication of the yeast.

Moreover, it can boost Immune System. In mother’s milk, there are also caprylic acid and lauric acid like coconut oil so that they can improve Immunity. Addtionally, our body absorbs vitamins and minerals better in presence of coconut oil.

Lastly, for the sensitive and irritated skin that has already been damaged by yeast over growth, coconut oil can be a protective barrier without any irritation.

How to Use Coconut Oil in treating Yeast Infections?

The treatment itself is extremely simple. Just purchase a high-quality extra virgin coconut oil and start using it internally and topically. However, you should try upping the dosage gradually from 1 tbsp per day to up to 3 tbsps per day because your body will give you a mild toxic shock after having to clean up and deal with a plenty of dead microbes that still remain when coconut oil has killed candida.

These are ways you can follow to get rid of Yeast Infection with coconut oil:

1. Apply coconut oil on skin

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin

You have to clean and dry the infected area first. Next, you need to take a few drops of coconut oil on that area and make a thin layer. Remember to do that 3 times per day, once in morning and once before going to bed. Yeast Infection will no longer alive.

2. Add Coconut Oil into Diet

Eat 3 to 5 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil daily for about a week. You can start off with smaller quantity of oil and then gradually increase.( it can also be eaten plain).
You can use coconut oil to replace regular cooking oil, butter. Another easy way is to stir it into your coffee, oatmeal or hot tea.
Before having meals, taking a teaspoon of coconut oil can improve your boosting immunity, preventing some kinds of disease and treating yeast infections as well.
Because coconut oil does not turn into trans fats, so it can be heated at high temperature and used like regular cooking oil.

3. Wash with Coconut Oil

You need 2 liters of warm water mixed with 3 to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil to wash the infected area. Do it every day and you will see the result.

4. Take Coconut Capsules

If you do not have coconut oil, coconut oil capsules can be the substitute. They will melt due to body heat and may leak during the night, so underwear and pads are recommended. You only need 2-3 capsules every night..

5. Other ways of Using Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection

You can also make a mixture of equal amounts of coconut oil and cinnamon oil. Apply it on the affected skin area to control the growth of the infection.

In case of having oral thrush, swish the oil in your mouth for five to 10 minutes. A few drops of tea tree oil or cinnamon oil can be added to make the treatment faster. Remember not to swallow and do it three times everyday.

It may be necessary to combine your coconut oil regimen with prescription antifungal medications when your case is particularly severe or your skin have been infected for a long time.

Even coconut oil is a good choice to treat Yeast Infection, your diet should not be ignored. It’s very important to notice your food everyday. A here to the basic anti-candida diet if you want to heal your pain as soon as possible.


What is the Role of Defense Attorney?

Everyone has heard a lot of defense attorney, but a few can understand exactly what they do and how they protect their client’s interests. A defense attorney is someone who represents an accused party in legal matters, including in a court of law. Many defense attorneys start out as prosecutors for the state. In fact, the role of a defense attorney is not much different from what you see on television. Whether he deals with criminal or civil cases, a defense attorney is an advocate for the accused, responsible for protecting his client’s interests and making sure the law works as it should. As the protectors and advocates of the accused, defense lawyers play a pivotal role in the world’s justice system to see that everyone prosecuted with an illegal act has an opportunity to defend themselves.

role of a defense attorney

In criminal proceedings, defense attorneys are responsible for providing an energetic and competent defense for their clients. If a defense attorney fails in his duties or does not appropriately represent the client, a client probably get a mistrial if convicted and sue a defense attorney

The defense attorneys often don’t have the right and the benefits associated with the case, they joined the proceedings designed to protect legitimate rights and interests of people accused of the crime, the lawyer is not the one who conduct legal proceedings and could not be replaced with the protector of the interests of the regulations. If defendant, the legitimate didn’t ask for the defense attorney, today ask an attorney or however, he had asked the lawyer but today has a new one defense, we need to consider whether that attorney has certain relationship with the litigated person or not.

A defense attorney’s role begins long before he enters a courtroom for trial. He must have a certain knowledge of every detail of his client’s case. Some large law firms have investigators on retainer to do the work of interviewing the state’s witnesses and potential witnesses for the accused. Other attorneys probably do this work themselves, as well as analyze crime scenes and police reports. After gathering all necessary information, it’s the defense attorney’s job to determine his client’s odds of acquittal or conviction and to begin planning how to best present the case to the court. A prosecutor might contact the defense attorney and make a deal. This is often in the situation that the defendant pleads guilty but involves a lesser crime than the one the state has charged him with.  It’s the defense attorney’s role to determine if accepting the deal is in his client’s best interests, based on the investigation he’s already done. He has to advise his client to choose the best choice but finally, it’s the accused’s decision to accept the deal or not.

the role of a defense attorney

A public defender’s role is as the same as private defense attorney’s role, but he may not always have the capability of devoting the same extensive time to it as a lawyer training in the private sector. Public defense attorney are employed to represent defendants who don’t have enough money to pay a lawyer to defend their rights. At any given time, there may be many such defendants in the court system.

The noticeable difference between a criminal defense attorney and a civil defense attorney is that the latter defends his client against charges leveled by someone but not the government. His client doesn’t have to face jail time or a criminal record, but rather the possibility of having to pay financial damages or restitution for wrongdoing, such as if he violated some one’s rights or transgress property, health. From this perspective, a civil defense attorney’s work is much more challenging, however, at least at the trial stage. The state must prove criminal charges beyond any reasonable doubt. A civil litigant or his attorney only has to prove that there’s a probability the client committed the act he’s accused of.

Participating in proceedings of the defense attorney is not only to ensure better justification rights of convict, defendant, the equivalent of the others but will also help agencies conduct proceedings detection, repair the flaws, make it clear that it is objective, right charge and law.



Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Treatment

Beautifying today is necessary not only for women but men also are interested in. And cosmetics are indispensable to do so. Now I am going to introduce a kind of oil to treat acne. Why don’t we use apple cider vinegar to treat acne?

The Apple Cider Vinegar is something you can make at home to help clear your skin or simply improve your overall complexion. And here is the reason why you ought to do so:


Malic and lactic acids found in the vinegar help to soften and exfoliate your skin, reduce red marks, and treat acne on both your face and body. During the creation of apple cider vinegar, substances such as malic acid are formed, which give it antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties which help prevent acne and skin infections.


Apple cider vinegar also tones your skin to the proper the pH. Apple cider vinegar doesn’t just effectively remove excess oil from your skin, it also helps to balance pH levels and can prevent your skin from becoming too oily or too dry by balancing the production of sebum. And when your skin sucks, you will probably break out. And if you don’t break out, your skin will probably be too dry or too oily or feel irritated, red and hot. So basically, it’s a wonderful beauty secret hiding in your kitchen cupboard! It’s really cheap and easy to make, so why not try it as an inexpensive at-home acne treatment.

balance pH levels and can prevent your skin


It is like anti-inflammatory that help to reduce the inflammation and swelling even better than ice cubes. It helps to relieve you from the pain that was associated with acne. It also quickly reduces the size of the big swollen zits, blackheads and pimples.

Moreover, it contains all the essential vitamins and minerals which are very important for the body to fight against acne, to speed up the healing process and reduces scarring.

On the other hand, apple cider vinegar has a property of scraping off all the dead and old skin cells on your skin pores. It has an antibiotic and antiseptic properties which work well against the acne scars. It balances the pH of your skin and improves its tone over time and reduces the appearance of red marks and scars.

scraping off all the dead and old skin cells

Finally, apple cider vinegar’s natural goodness also unblocks pores and allows skin to breathe properly, so it is very effective in treating acne and pimples.

Here is some specific example:

How can it be used on non-inflamed acne?

Apple cider vinegar fights non-inflamed acne such as whiteheads and blackheads when it is applied topically. This is because it has the unique capability to irritate the pores and cause them to grow. Irritating the pores helps the skin release more sebum to fight the acne.

What is the reason why blackheads and whiteheads grow quickly is that skin pores are clogged up? This prevents them from releasing oil.

When this process is working correctly, the skin remains healthy and moisturized. This is how the skin adapts to the application of the acid and becomes more acne resistant.

How can it be used on inflamed acne?

Nodules, papules and cysts are much harder to treat than the usual run-of-the-mill light or mild skin acne.

Treatment often requires the use of prescription-strength medications to fight tougher or multiple strains of acne-causing bacteria. However, many people do not know that they can use apple cider vinegar to fight inflamed acne. Similar to the treatment of non-inflamed acne, apple cider vinegar can fight inflamed acne when it is applied topically.

However, it has a different mode of action that involves using its disinfectant properties. It has a highly acidic nature and antimicrobial properties that allow it to kill bacteria. This should help improve the appearance of the skin and the acne condition.

Aside from its antimicrobial properties, apple cider vinegar also actually contains some glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a substance that easily penetrates the skin and reacts with the epidermis’ upper layer – because it is a smaller molecule. It also helps weaken the binding properties of the fats that hold the dead skin cells intact. Glycolic acid is very powerful which is why it is recommend in our Pimple Spot Treatment – but not recommended to put all over the skin.

Apple cider vinegar has many different functions, however, apple cider vinegar acne treatment is the most popular. It is not only easy to make but also suitable for every classes. Why don’t you try it? Let’s go now.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cat in the World

Cats are considered to be one of the best friends of people. However, some cat breeds are much more expensive than other ones. Let’s see top 10 most expensive cat in the world that can blow your minds with their price:

Peterbald Cats


The Peterbald is a refined cat with a long elongated body with long graceful legs. The most prominent characteristic of the breed is that they are hairless. It is also one of the rarest feline in the world and recently well- loved. Peterbald cats have oval paws, large, bat-wing ears, long and lean body and their heads are shaped like an inverted triangle. This breed have sweet temper and are very friendly, peaceful, curious, smart. They love to be close to people , other cats and animals. They even like to play with the dog! When coming home, you will always be greeted with warm atmosphere from your Peterbald.

Maine Coon


The Maine Coon is a big cat. The female weigh about eight to twelve pounds while the male can weigh up to twenty pounds. They can grow up to forty inches. Overall, Maine Coon cats look like small bobcats. Their coat is shaggy and waterproof. The head is broad and square, the ears are large and the eyes are big. However it takes them at least 3 years to reach to the full size. Their personalities are also very pleasant.They can adapt to many lifestlyes. Additionally, this breed is friendly and sweet. They love to follow you and see what you do. Maine Coon is one of the feline that can get on well with anyone, including dogs and other cats.

British Shorthair


British Shorthair are very adaptable and easily trained. They can live with pets of all kinds such as dogs, birds and other cats. When you own a British Shorthair cat, it tends to attach to you. It’s said to be very affectionate, even in a large family with many members, they can get along well with everyone. Their size is one thing that attract many people. They are not as big as Maine Coon but a medium to large cat. The female weigh about 7 to 12 pounds and the male can weigh up to 17 pounds.



With the average size, Sphynx looks muscular and strong, ofcourse, as with most cats, the male are bigger than the female. But they are very lovely and clumsy cats. In the attempt to be the centre, they seem to be funny and childish. They always want to with you and show off for you as this breed is very energetic. Take notice of bathing them frequently because their lack of hair would normally absorb body oils.

Russian Blue


If you want to start a relationship with some animals, they will be a loving one. They have an elegant and graceful body: long and lean legs, tappering tail and vivid greem eyes. You might think that they are blue but actually, there are other kinds of this breed : black and white Russians.However they are rare and not well- followed. They have a reputation as gentle and quiet cat. It’s quite hard to develop a friendship with them but it’s worthwhile because you will have a devoted pet. This cat especially loves jumping and climbing to high places. Their owner also need to take care of them more as they are very sensitve and easy to become fearful or anxious.

Scottish Fold


Like their name, the Scottish Fold cats have folded ears (causing by a dominant gene affecting the cartilage of the ears). Other common features of Scottish Fold cats are rounded head with prominent cheeks, expressive eyes with the same colour of coat, ears to fold downward or toward. They are smart, soft- spoken, and easily adaptable to any lifestyles and new people. They love to be cuddled and patted. However , they like to near you rather than sit on your lap. Other lovely thing that they are very playful need the attentionv on their own terms.



The most prominent trait of this breed is the tailless. They have a solid stocky body with big bones and a wide chest. The average weight for the male is about 10 to 12 pounds, and for the female is about 8 to 10 pounds. Most of them have a broad head with round eyes and broad ears with a rounded tip. The Manx are warm and affectionate. They love a cuddle and can get on well with anyone in the family and other pets.



Most people notice about the coat of the Bengals first because their coat are very beautiful and soft. Two common fur pattern are the spotted pattern and the swirly marbled. Bengals cats are usually large : females weigh about 10 to 15 pounds and males 8 to 12 pounds. As other tabby cats, they have a clear “M” on the forehead. However, you should notice that they are very naughty and will be not your laid-back lap cat. It’s better that they have other cat to play with, they will be very pleasant!



Firtsly, you will see that the Svannah cats look like their ancestor- the African Servalbut in smaller size. The most unique feature is that their spotted coat with the mixture of many colours. They seem quite tall but actually, they are medium sized and weigh less than other similerly sized cats . One of their most striking features is the hooded eyes that are flat on top situated right at the top of the head. In general, they are very curious and playful. It loves to follow you around the house rather than sit on your lap. So some people say that The Savannah have “dog-like” personalities.

The Ashera


The Ashera is the worlds newest, rarest cat. They are the hybrid of the African Serval and the Asian Leopard cat. The Ashera cats are very beautiful and elegant with leopard-like spots and contrasting stripes. They weigh about 30 pounds so they can deter any annoying animals like mice or dogs hanging around the house. Another thing about is that they are very playful and love climbing,keep an eye on your curtains when owning one!

These are top 10 most expensive cats in the world. If you have one of them so you are very lucky. Most of them are intelligent and lovely and defintiely a grate member in your family.

Top 10 Best Chocolate Brand Names in the World 2017 for Your Perfect Gifts

Chocolate is a delicious food type to enjoy. From creamy Hershey’s Nuggets to Larabar Gluten Free Bar, Skittles and Starburst, all of these are well known chocolate brands in the world today.

Chocolate and candy are scrumptious, and it is nothing unexpected that it has been prepared for quite a while and people still get attracted to these.

The specialty of extraction of chocolate from Cocoa was produced in America and it soon spread the world over and by and by it is said to be extraordinary compared to other disclosures in sustenance and eatables by man. A couple of the other chocolate brands are good to the point that they inevitably praised and loved by other in all over of the world.

Tipsdaily hand-picks some of the best luxury brands of chocolates and candies for you to try.

1.Grove Square Hot Cocoa

The bundling is nice and smart, yet the hand-painted truffles are as lovely as they are scrumptious. Each truffle tasted was recently wonderful with a fine harmony amongst chocolate and injected flavors.
This chocolate is quite great; you simply need to recall that you’re drinking moment Keurig hot chocolate. It’s decent for its price. Buy this keurig, you will love it. Those after a steaming cup of hot cocoa, you will enjoy the comfort. An uncomplicated treat

2.Godiva Chocolatier Happy Birthday Cake Truffle Flight

The brand was established in Brussels, Belgium in 1926 by Joseph Draps and was sold to the Turkish Yıldız Holding that is the proprietor of the Ülker Group. Godiva Chocolatier will satisfy you with its top-notch chocolates and other related items including bonbons, truffles, enhanced espresso, cocoa blends, treats, shakes, frozen yogurt, wedding and take home gifts and chocolate alcohol. With Godiva, you can appreciate Gold Ballotin, Dark Chocolate Valentines, and Lunar New Year Chocolate.

3.Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles, 60 Count Box

When searching for a chocolate bar for your dazzling children and ladies, Lindt must be the best piece of candy decision for you and your cherished ones. Being one of best 10 chocolate makers everywhere throughout the world, Lindt takes each care to each fixing to make its pastries one in a lifetime, by profoundly joining milk and granular fixings with some ordinary fruity flavors.

Most ordinarily known as Lindt, these chocolates are known for their smooth, rich taste. The brand is acclaimed for its Lindor truffles, which have soft chocolate fillings shrouded in dull chocolate covering. Lindt is additionally notable for its regular chocolates, for example, foil-wrapped Santa Claus shapes, an Easter Bunny shape, and Valentine’s Day treats.

4.Kit Kat

Kit Kat (or Kit Cat as its original name) was first introduced to the customers in 1935 with a brand image of finger-like wheat-and-milk bar. The company then continued its success with a huge variety of categories, like hot chocolates, or wafers, mixed with flavors of caramel, honey, or fruits. Nowadays, the brand is getting more and more famous in the world as a meaningful gift for friends and families. One interesting point for this chocolate is that users can easily break the Kit Kat into equal parts, which makes sure that your children never get angry.


Next on the list is Cadbury with a nearly 200 year history of create the art of chocolate. Cadbury’s products offer tasty flavors of milk, fruit, sugar, cream or even honey in the forms of beautiful bars, nuts, crunches or wafers. Cadbury is increasingly popular with any age and gender for its taste, sweetness and beautiful shape. Anyone can easily find a Cadbury candy bar one of the best chocolate brands worldwide.


Beginning as a luxurious dessert for royalties in Switzerland, Toblerone nowadays shapes itself as one of the most premium chocolate brands in the world. Millions of fans of this chocolate brand always desire for the small distinctive prism made from almonds, honey, nougat and rich cocoa which are all perfectly mixed together. A chocolate bar of Toblerone is extremely charming and murky with unique shapes and distinctive taste. There is no denying that this brand is always listed in top selling candy bars every year.


Mars is one of the most popular and the best chocolate brands worldwide with a chocolate making industry of approximately 100 years. Tracing back in the UK, Mars possesses a premium recipe of rich ingredients, including sweet honey, topped caramel, added nougat, and minced almonds. The delicious taste plus lovely decorated boxes outside always put Mars chocolate bars on top list for those who find meaningful gifts for their relatives and friends. Besides those things, Mars offers various subsidiary brands of Snickers, American Heritage, Milky Way…help itself become one of the most trustworthy friends for any breeds of customers.


Patchi is one of the most inspiring chocolate bars in the world. With the interesting packages outside, plus magic ingredients of flesh milk and premium cocoa, Patchi brings “the best of the world” to everyone with tasty and watery feeling. Well-known as one of the best gifts for your beloved ones, Patchi is a perfect combination of originally Swiss and Belgian flavors.

9.Domingo Ghirardelli


Created in 1852 by an Italian craftsman, Domingo Ghirardelli has been among the best quality brand in the world for decades. The artists of Domingo Ghirardelli professionally mix milk and cocoa, with some sweet caramel and cool cream as the magic of chocolate. This brand has its historic story of an Italian craftsman, by chance, combined milky chocolate with a little cocoa, and also caramel to create the beautiful shapes. Nowadays, the brand has developed to be among the most popular and famous chocolate destination of millions of fans all over the world. One interesting also about the company is that it organizes a 2-day chocolate festival as one of the most important celebrations of the company every year, which highly promote its top 10 milk chocolate disc image worldwide.


Owned by a part of “Mars”, Galaxy has extended its influence to “everywhere people has gone through”, for example in African Middle East, Canada, the US, and especially all over the UK. Founded in 1986, the company nowadays has opens thousands of outlets worldwide under the name of brands like Galaxy Jewels, Fruitia, Dove and Caramel. The secret of the chocolate lays at its delightfulness coming out from ripped milk and cocoa mixed with fruity flavors.

Extra 6 Top Chocolate Brands Updated


If you are looking for a brand name that provides everything to the choosy customers like yourself, Guylian is the most appropriate name for you. It is famous for the unique, professional, magic and highly customized chocolate bars ordered directly by the customers to the craftsmen who directly make their performances by hand. Born in Belgium, Guylian has spread to more than 40 countries all over the world with an image of richly designed bars with the standardized maneuvers like sea shell shape, and roasted hazelnut additives, etc. The brand is always on the top list of best selling, especially on the important Western occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. In 20016, Guylian was recognize as “the Best Chocolate Manufacturer with Eggs”.

12.Ferrero Rocher

Last but not least, Ferrero Rocher is considered to be among the best chocolate all over the world, not only because of its high quality chocolate, beautiful external appearance, and also the culture and standard of chocolate that has been put worldwide to any other chocolate companies. As the leading chocolate brand name globally, Ferrero Rocher has been in its heyday for more than 200 years. Since 1981, Ferrero Rocher has been attracting millions of people with passion on chocolate at every corner of the globe. With one gift to your friends, relatives or partner, they would feel “every” love of yours through the deep care and super professional skills of the makers from Ferrero Rocher. From inside, it’s the perfect of wafer chocolate with milk. From the outside, it’s the premium golden-like yellow wrappers. Finally, who receive your gift would feel your love, only by a chocolate bar of Ferrero Rocher.

Even for the most picky people, these top 10 best chocolate brands worldwide would never let you down for a perfect gift on special occasions. Enjoy every taste of top chocolate bars in the world!


Established in 2000 by former legal counselors, Helen and Simon Pattison, Montezuma’s hand-made extravagance chocolates are sheer joy on a plate.

The family chocolatiers are acclaimed for their creative chocolate making and eccentric bundling.

Attempt their Radical Bar Library, which contains an instance of seasoned chocolate bars, from stew and lime, orange and geranium and ocean canine!


Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate are acclaimed for their Northern lunch nooks that overflow class and refinement.

Their particular extravagance chocolate accumulations are downright acculturated flawlessness.

From chewy florentines, to alcohol truffles, to Lady Betty peppermint creams.

Try their Champagne Truffles, made with rich chocolate ganache made with Moet and Chandon Champagne, covered in Swiss drain chocolate and cleaned with icing sugar and raspberry.

15.Theo Chocolate

Organic, Fair Trade chocolate manufacturing plant in the U.S., Theo’s started delivering in 2006. If you like, you can take a voyage through the chocolate manufacturing plant in Seattle and view the chocolate making procedure (and you don’t require a brilliant ticket to get in!). For Valentine’s Day, possibly the Aphrodisiac Collection would set the inclination right. Not saying that you require any aphrodisiacs but rather, you know, it couldn’t do any harm.

Bonus: Charles Chocolates

San Francisco’s a chocolatey town, but rather Charles Chocolates has become famous rapidly in the wake of the opening in 2004. Their Teance Tea Truffle Collection is novel, the ideal present for the chocoholic tea-consumer. Besides, palatable boxes!