Foods to eat to Conceive a Girl for Mothers and Fathers

Foods to eat to Conceive a Girl for Mothers and Fathers

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For parents, the sex of their children when they are still under formation is one of the very interests that every parent can have.

It is true that the sperm of a male baby (XY) moves faster but stays survived shorter than its counterpart does, XX.

The female baby, conversely, moves slowly but stays pretty longer, which means that if you want to conceive a girl, you have to have a smart having sex schedule in order to make sure that when ovulation happens, only XX sperms survive.

Having said that though, an appropriate diet is extremely important, as the same as the having sex schedule, to increase the number of XX sperms toward XY sperms, raising the percentage of conceiving a girl.

Followings are the suggested foods to eat to answer the question: What to eat to conceive a girl?

For Mothers:

Mothers who want to conceive a girl should eat foods providing a lot of Magnesium and Calcium. Every food should be light enough without any salt, with more sweetness.

Moreover, daily diet should include following food categories:

  • Calcium food categories: milk, cheese, vegetable, ice-cream, and any other products made from milk without salt.
  • Magnesium food categories: beans, sesame, soybean,
  • Acidic foods to conceive a girl categories: yogurt, fruits with vitamin C like apple, orange, pear, pineapple, tangerines, apricot,…
  • Suggested spices include; onion, garlic, …
  • Yolks and products made from eggs.

In general, mothers should eat as less salty food as possible, drink a lot of milk, cheese, and yogurt, which are all good sources of calcium.

Other recommended foods can be bread or cookie, plus as much vegetable as possible.

Notice: This diet should be followed at least 1 month before the day of conception. To be more specific, follow these tips:

  • Food to use directly: cereals (less than 100 grams of potato per day)
  • Food to use spontaneously: vegetable, eggs.
  • Food to use as much as possible: milk, cheese, and any other dairy foods.
  • Food to use as less as possible: fresh fruits less than 100 grams per day (stay away from coconut, graviola), meat and fish less than 120 grams per day.
  • Drink products made from milk, but coffee, tea, beer, coconut.
  • If needed, you can follow your doctor’s advice to supplement calcium and magnesium to raise your chance to have a girl.

For Fathers:

Females should stay away from products with a lot of Zinc to increase the ability of conception, and conceive a girl, including products like sea foods, coconut, eggs, pork, beans, soybeans, radishes… Foods to eat to conceive a girl for fathers may include dairy foods, fruits, vegetables,…

Foods To Limit To Conceive A Girl:

The diet helping conceive a girl requires mothers not to eat salty foods, limit eating products with a lot of potassium and sodium.

Suggested foods include:

  • Stimulants like alcohol, beer, coffee, cigarette, and any carbonated drinks.
  • Products with a lot of potassium and sodium like potato, salmon, fried foods, shrimp, bread, alive and anchovies.
  • Packaged products, mayonnaise, butter.

The primary thing to notice is to lower the energy in each meal, with a lot of sweetness but salty food, especially acidic foods in order to create an appropriate environment for the X sperms to survive and move into the egg to foster the process of conception.

A Typical Diet For Parents Trying To Conceive A Girl

Following is a suggested diet for parents who trying to conceive a girl. Notice that this diet should only be followed until you are sure that you have conceived a girl.

At least one month before conception day is suggested to conceive a girl, and remember to balance your diet right after the baby is formed.

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